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Lotus Establishment for contracting LRE is a foreign company established under registration certificate number 1010209637, dated 2005/4/17, its head office located in Riyadh,  Malaz district. Engaged in General Contracting and maintenance, electrical and mechanical works, proved its existence science its entry in the Saudi market 2005 which made it possesses of all international companies that are looking for excellence, confidence, and commitment in all strategic and critical projects. That makes it stand on top of private companies in the areas of construction and finishes in many sectors, in particular, restaurants, galleries, and department stores.

The Lotus Establishment for Contracting LRE was an idea appeared for the community as a general contractor and committed itself contribute to the service of the Saudi society to provide its needs of constructional and specialized services. Consequently, it was necessary to evolve the establishment considerably as a guiding light to contribute to reconstruction and development of the Arab Gulf.With its professional management capable of proper planning for project management and provide better services to their customers, and manage the constructional community needs and conscious engineering, able to employ the company›s material and human potential to implement projects with precision and professionalism.

All that gave many international companies its trust on our company to implement their projects with high levels of quality according to the required specifications with a strict commitment to the timetable without any delay in the delivery of projects.As we take care of our customers and satisfy them, but we plan to surprise our customers by offering more than they expect, also we commit ourselves to the safety standards of professional and public safety in the projects.


The Lotus Resorts Establishment for contracting out an ambitious business plan focuses on the potential
of the company and spread to cover the needs of all global customers inside and outside the kingdom to
include both all Arab Gulf and Middle East Countries.

Our Advantages

Lotus proved to all their clients that it is capable of executing both critical and Impossible projects from the rest of the competitor’s point of view.It carried out work in the most difficult areas and narrower time with higher quality. For example, what has been implemented in Jabal Omar project versus Haram during the time of Hajj also to meet the wishes of global agencies, some projects have been reduced a third of a time and delivered in top quality.

Our Objectives

To achieve growth in income by %25 annually over the next five years through the expansion of the participation scope in the projects carried out by the establishment.
In order to open new sectors to meet customer preferences, adding high-qualified staff and the purchase of the latest equipment to expand the number of customers while maintaining our excellence and our own quality standards.

Why us?

We built the trust you deserve through our professional manpower,
the excellent customer service with the higher quality Provided to our clients to achieve and exceed their target.




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